PocketPOS - I have two mobile phones, can I link them both to one PocketPOS™ with the same log on credentials?

Yes, a PocketPOS™ device can be paired with multiple smartphones, tablets and iPads using the same log-on credentials.

Each will need to be paired one at a time with the PocketPOS™ to operate, which is linked to the same merchant account. Please note that only one smart device can be paired to one PocketPOS™ at a time to do a transaction with your smartphone, tablet or iPad. The same log-on credentials and PocketPOS™ device can be used on any applicable Smart phone.


  • When you pair multiple phones to one or more devices, make sure only one phone/device's Bluetooth is on while pairing
  • When you have multiple phones connected to one device, make sure that only one phone's Bluetooth is on as only one phone can connect to devices at one time. If more phones are connected, the device can have difficulty knowing which device to connect to